Tax Refund Procedure Details

  1. When shopping, at the appropriate counter, please pay for the merchandise including consumption tax (5% of the price).
  2. After completing your shopping, please bring all the articles you bought and receipts of payment to the Tax Refund Counter.
  3. After following the refund procedures at the Tax Refund Counter, including confirmation of which items meet the refund requirements, the consumption tax you paid on qualifying items will be refunded.

*For direction to the Tax Refund Counter, please ask sales staff at the payment counter.
*Be aware that it usually requires about 10 minutes to complete the refund procedures.
*Refunds can only be processed on the same day as purchase.

Necessary documents

  • Passport

Tax-exempt goods

  • All merchandise (except services) excluding replacement parts and consumable products such as food, drinks, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, films, batteries, perishable or other non-durable goods.

Applicable total cost of purchase

  • Total amount of purchases within the same store on the same day reaches JPY 10,001 before tax (more than JPY 10,502 including tax).


  • The procedures are completed only when a record of purchase has been attached to the visa page of your passport. (All the listed items must be taken out of Japan with you when you depart.)
  • Credit card purchases can only be signed for by the person whose name appears on the face of the card.
This information, current as of May 2010, is subject to change.